How can you solve "Packet Overrun" problem in the "part_blk" Example.

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Hi Eun Seok, Kim,

On 11/12/2012 01:00 AM, 김은석 wrote:

> I have an issue in the "part_blk" Example code.
> I have tested the program on the pandaboard with a little modifcation.
> I have "Packet Overrun" problem when i apply request size of 128kbytes.
> Could you please advice me how can i solve this issue.
> Following Example code is the modified version of "part_blk" Example.

A quick inspection revealed that the default backing-store size of the
'Block::Connection' is set to 128KB, which is pretty small (see:
os/include/block_session/connection.h). Thus allocations of 128KB might
even fail. The 'Block::Connection' takes the 'tx_buf_size' as second
argument. To set the backing-store to one MB, you would have to
initialize the connection like this:

'static Block::Connection _blk(&_block_alloc, 1024 * 1024);'



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