Confusion about global and local names/ids of capability in the source code

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Fri Nov 9 03:46:29 CET 2012


I was reading the codes about capabilities, and I found this, which is
suspected as a conflict in my understanding.

1)  In Cap_index class, we have an id, which is commented as global
capability id:

    class Cap_index {
        uint16_t _id;      /* global capability id */

2) But in Native_capability class, there is something like this:

    class Native_capability {
        int   local_name() const { return _idx ? _idx->id() : 0;}

here, the id of Cap_index (i.e., commented as global capability id) is
returned as local_name.
I think it is a conflict or do I miss something?
Please enlighten me about this.

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