Building Genode for Gumstix Overo platform

Sartakov A. Vasily sartakov at ...104...
Mon Mar 12 12:45:27 CET 2012


This is absolutely correct. I made some experiments and solved part of
problem with l4_cache_clean_data().
I putted it to refresh(int x, int y, int w, int h)  ((
os/src/server/nitpicker/genode/ +441 ))
and anytime, when i called nitpicker->frame buffer()->refresh() i got
very good image. (But in my tests i used hardcoded pointer to data
with pixels, because pixels[] inside np_test and local_addr was a
different )
But, while i dragged image i got again noise on image. if i stopped (i
guess refresh happend after stop) and i have again clear image. So,
Norman, can You please put cache_clean_data to the right place inside
nitpicker for flushing cache pixels on every pixels writing?

>> In our project we use Chestnut43 board for prototype. This board has 4.3”
>> LCD 480x272 pixels. I get display configuration for this LCD from Linux
>> driver. Display work, picture is drawing, colors are correct. But sometimes
>> window drawn with distortion (normal drawing
>> , distorted:
>> ). I can’t solve this yet. Maybe
>> I have wrong configuration for display controller.
> To me this looks like a typical cache artifact. The syscall bindings of
> Fiasco.OC provide several functions for dealing with caches on ARM
> platforms (i.e., see 'cache.h'). Those functions are unused by Genode
> until now because we haven't experienced such artifacts with the PBXA9
> platform or Qemu. Maybe you could investigate if these cache-related
> functions are relevant to your problem and if so, how they could be put
> to use in a clean way within Genode?

Sartakov A. Vasily

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