VMware / VirtualBox demo?

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Tue Jul 17 10:19:14 CEST 2012

Hello Mike,

thanks for your interest in exploring Genode and welcome to the mailing

> I've reached the end of my Linux skill set trying to get the Build
> environment working in a Ubuntu 11.04 environment. (In a VM) on my Windows
> 7 box.  I really, REALLY want to get up to speed on Genode (as I see it as
> the ONLY effective stop for all this silly "cyberwar" stuff, thanks to it's
> native support of capability based security).
> Is there somewhere I can download a VMware or VirtualBox image of it
> installed?

I am not aware of any prebuild VM image that contains a complete
development environment for Genode.

It is unfortunate to hear that you struggled to set up the build
environment. You question somehow hints to a lack of documentation on
our side. Admittedly, the current documentation is primarily targeted at
developers who are already familiar with Linux. However, I would love to
improve the documentation for people who are less experienced in Linux
as well. For doing this, it would be very interesting to know where
exactly you got stuck.

I will gladly assist you with the process of setting up the development
environment. Please just provide the specific points where you ran into


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