USB HID driver fails to recognize input devices

Markus Partheymueller mail at ...119...
Thu Jul 12 13:17:44 CEST 2012


I'm trying to get the latest Genode running (using the base platform
NOVA on a real machine, not qemu). As a simple kick-off I tried to use
the demo scenario with nitpicker and launchpad. However, with the USB
Legacy support enabled, only the keyboard was working, the mouse could
not be configured properly. Now that this machine doesn't have any
real PS/2 connectors and the Legacy mode tends to be a bit quirky
sometimes, I decided to go for the USB HID driver. But now the driver
seems to only find several hubs and ports, but no devices attached to
them. Plus, during the boot process, the mouse's LED gets switched off
and is never turned on again. Is there some limitation regarding
scanned USB ports and/or suitable devices? Or am I missing something

I attached the log file of this boot process, but be warned that there
seems to be some problem with serial output, as mainly in the
beginning there are several weird broken lines in the log.


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