Pointless rebuilding of ports

Julian Stecklina js at ...14...
Tue Jan 17 21:44:23 CET 2012

Am Dienstag, den 17.01.2012, 21:18 +0100 schrieb Norman Feske:
> Hi Julian,
> > if I do make run/noux_vim it will _always_ rebuild vim, regardless of
> > whether this is useful. Is there a way to avoid this?
> you are right - this is a bit annoying. The simplest solution is to
> comment-out the following line in the 'noux_vim.run' script:
>   lappend build_components noux-pkg/vim
> It is on a separate line for a reason. .-)

Hehe. Ok. That seems like a good workaround. :) Thanks.

> Another idea I had was to make the behavior of building noux packages
> configurable via a build SPEC. E.g., by specifying the value
> 'phony_noux_pkg' to the SPECS build variable, the current policy could
> be enabled. Otherwise, a no-rebuild policy could be in effect. But I
> haven't made my mind yet whether I like this idea or not. The best would
> be if 'noux.mk' always did the right thing. But how?

I have absolutely no idea. For development, I would probably prefer the
"configure once, make always" policy, but you are right: This doesn't
evaluate dependencies correctly.


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