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On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 05:28:02PM +0530, Pruthivi Raj wrote:
> Here i attached the client-server program used in
> genodetoolchain. Basically i'm trying to build a client-server program with
> encryption facilities. But problem i'm facing here is while sending a
> string from client to server only the first character in the string is
> received remaining characters were scrambled.please kindly give some
> suggestion.

You declared your interface as

  virtual char* message(char* m) = 0;           /* API */
  GENODE_RPC(Rpc_message,char*,message,char*);  /* RPC definition */

Then, the Genode RPC framework generates code to transfer _one_
character in the client request and _one_ character in the server
response. That is exactly what you saw, but not expected. A rationale
can be found here

The reference also states that this behavior is not finalized yet,
which indicates we are still looking for the right way to handle these

There are two ways to solve your issue depending on your needs. If
your API just depends on constant-size messages, you may define a
struct for the message payload and use this type

  struct Payload { char buf[64]; };

  Payload message(Payload) = 0;                        /* API */
  GENODE_RPC(Rpc_message, Payload, message, Payload);  /* RPC definition */

This may fit the common Crypto_init, _update, _final cycle.
Alternatively, if you intend to send variable-sized messages to the
server, Rpc_in_buffer is the tool of choice

  #include <base/rpc_args.h>

  typedef Rpc_in_buffer<64> String;
  void message(String) = 0;
  GENODE_RPC(Rpc_message, String, message);

Unfortunately, Rpc_in_buffer cannot be used for the response
currently. The reason is that the RPC framework needs the buffer space
to copy the response to before the RPC function returns. But, the
function caller does not provide any space and the function just
declares the return type. So, for the response you had to use a
constant-size type as described above. A good example for string-based
RPC is in base/include/log_session/log_session.h.

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