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Fri Mar 25 09:31:09 CET 2011

Hello Thomas,

the HalVM project was brought to our attention by an anonymous posting
at our Sourceforge forum:

Even though I am not experienced with using Haskell myself, I recognize
the potential of using this language in the context of systems
development. E.g., it plays a pivotal role in the seL4 verification
project at NICTA, and I have been impressed by the work of Mark P. Jones
and his group at OGI/PDX with conducting the House project. We listed
this project idea because we realize that HalVM (or in a broader sense,
Haskell) should receive our attention at some time in the future.

Do you think that porting GHC to Genode is a necessity? I expected that
GHC could just be used to cross-compile code. So only the Haskell
runtime has to be ported. But as I said, I lack profound knowledge in
this area.

Are you somehow involved in the development of HalVM?


On 03/24/2011 07:29 PM, Thomas DuBuisson wrote:
> I'm curious - who added all the language-specific topics?
> Specifically the HaLVM?  Has anyone talked to Adam Wick about porting
> HaLVM to Genode or is this more of an off-hand "that would be nice"
> item in the list?  Also, wouldn't it be more sensible to say "port GHC
> to the a Genode platform" or are there HaLVM-specific features you're
> wanting like the redevouslib for page flipping?
> Cheers,
> Thomas

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