Problems with socket()

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Tue Mar 15 09:04:23 CET 2011

> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 08:31:35PM +0300, Александр Домо wrote:
>> I finally got to the root of the problem! In my project source code I
>> found a number of functions named "tcp_xxx", and particularly,  
>> tcp_init(),
>> that came into conflict with the ones in the lwip library. When I  
>> renamed
>> them, the problem was gone. Now if you could tell me who is right and  
>> who
>> is wrong in this case? What is the right way of doing this?
> Using the lwIP library you kind of sign a contract to not name your
> own API functions like exported functions. We did some mix of
> incremental link and making function private with objcopy in past
> projects, but I explicitly do not recommend such hacks if avoidable in
> any way. A clean interface is the best track.
> If I am in doubt which symbol names can be used, I investigate the
> libraries with 'nm', prefix my C symbols or (at the best) use a C++
> namespace for my own API.

Yes, I now understand it's part of the lwIP API.
It's just the first time that I got stuck this way.
Using namespaces is probably the best approach.

Thanks for helping!!!

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