64bit Genode and Fiasco.OC

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Mon Mar 14 19:36:20 CET 2011

Hi Daniel,

> Looks like the problem is only specific to ..
> ./os/src/drivers/audio_out
> ./os/src/drivers/nic
> everything else builds 32bit version on 64bit host platform.

These targets alongside 'os/src/drivers/framebuffer/sdl' are hybrid
programs using both the Genode framework as well as native Linux
libraries. The 'audio_out' "driver" translates Genode's
'Audio_out_session' to ALSA, 'nic' translates Genode's 'Nic_session' to
a Linux tap device, and 'fb_sdl' translates Genode's
'Framebuffer_session' and 'Input_session' to libSDL. Because of their
hybrid nature, those programs are built without the '-nostdlib' switch.
This way, the libraries at '/usr/lib' end up in those binaries.

>> It looks like I need to add -m32 -L/usr/lib32 to the linux-compiled
>> build flags - not sure how to do this, CC_OPT doesn't seem to
>> percolate through.

Normally, 'CC_OPT' is the right variable to use. However, I would not
specify those arguments globally (hence, a spec-file is the wrong place
for them). They should exceptionally be used for hybrid targets only.
Can you successfully build 'audio_out' by adding those arguments to
'CC_OPT' in its 'target.mk' file?

Best regards

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