Problems with socket()

Александр Домо domo at ...62...
Mon Mar 14 18:31:35 CET 2011

Hello again!

11.03.11 в 16:02 Александр Домо в письме писал(а):

>>> What's interesting, the nic_drv + lwip_httpsrv config pings ok, my
>>> config doesn't.
>> I built current SVN head with the patch attached to this email. After
>>   make run/lwip_httpsrv_lx
>> I got a running http_srv with the libc plugin. Could you please check
> Yes, it's working!
>> if this works for you too. BTW, your using Genode/Linux, right?
> Yes.
> What's interesting, the logs are absolutely identical (except for the
> pointer values),
> but my app gets to lwip_socket() and just stops there...
> I think I'll try studying this on my own from this point.
> I'll let know if I get anywhere!

I finally got to the root of the problem! In my project source code I  
found a number of functions named "tcp_xxx", and particularly, tcp_init(),  
that came into conflict with the ones in the lwip library. When I renamed  
them, the problem was gone. Now if you could tell me who is right and who  
is wrong in this case? What is the right way of doing this?


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