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Mon Mar 14 16:55:20 CET 2011

Hi Norman,

Fool I am! - I had "SPECS += .." instead of "SPEC = " in my specs.conf - 
it now builds with x86_32 - well most of it.  The outstanding issue I 
have is making the linux-related dirs (e.g., 
os/src/drivers/audio_out/linux) link with /usr/lib32/crt1.o instead of 
the 64bit version in /usr/lib/crt1.o.  Any ideas how?


On 03/12/2011 04:11 AM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi David,
> as outlined by Stefan, the 'linux_x86' platform looks for the host
> system and automatically decides whether to build for 32bit or 64bit. If
> the host system is 64bit, then Genode is built for 64bit. This is
> because our only current use case for the linux version is running
> Genode on the host. However, in your case, this causes trouble.
> I'll try to briefly describe what is going on: You can find the
> detection-magic at 'base-linux/etc/specs.conf'. Depending on the host
> system, the 'spec.conf' file will set the 'linux_x86_64' or
> 'linux_x86_32' spec value, which triggers the inclusion of
> 'base-linux/mk/spec-linux_x86_32.mk' or
> 'base-linux/mk/spec-linux_x86_64.mk' respectively. In these files, the
> spec value 'x86_32' (or 'x86_64') get defined, which gets further broken
> up in 'base/mk/spec-x86_32.mk' (analogously for 64bit). This spec file
> adds the '32bit' spec value. If you like to peek onto the result of the
> successive spec decomposition, you might add the following line to
> '<build-dir>/Makefile' (right after the 'export SPECS' line:
>    $(warning SPECS=$(SPECS))
> As Stefan already mentioned, you can override the default SPECS
> definition by a custom '<build-dir>/etc/specs.conf' file. Note the use
> of the assignment in contrast to the version found in
> 'base-linux/etc/specs.conf'.
>> I tried to force LIB_MK to the right syscall.mk but it then followed
>> with a load of redefinition errors.  Below is the make VERBOSE_DIR= output.
>> ...
>> /home/dwaddington/git/omnios/genode/base-linux/../base-linux/sr
> /platform/x86_64/lx_clone.S:21:
>> Error: bad register name `%rsi'
> It seems that the build system has not picked up your custom SPECS
> definition and still tries to use the SPECS as defined in
> 'base-linux/etc/specs.conf'. Hence, the build system keeps trying to
> build the 64bit code with the 32bit compiler. As a quick work-around,
> just to see if the code works, you may modify the
> 'base-linux/etc/specs.conf' file. But we should investigate why the
> build system ignores your '<build-dir>/etc/specs.conf' file. Could I
> have a look at your version of the file?
> Best regards
> Norman

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