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Tue Mar 8 21:38:35 CET 2011

Hi Daniel,

> Is it possible to use the standard C++ template library? or is this not
> ported to the Genode runtime?

STL is not officially supported. However, we already had a brief look
into this topic because the Qt4 port (in particular, Webkit) requires
STL and libstdc++. Both come with the GNU tool chain. So it is basically
a matter of adding the corresponding include-search path to 'INC_DIR'
and linking 'libstdc++.a' to the target. We have done this in a rather
nasty way in 'qt4/lib/import/import-qt4.mk', lines 97 and 98. Adding
those two lines to your 'target.mk' file might be a starting point for

Admittedly, we have not used STL ourself. So the "solution" above is a
pretty uncharted path (apart from the Qt4 port). If it works well for
you, please report. We could then add a convenient stdc++ library-mk
file, wrapping the magic.


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