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Fri Jan 14 12:16:59 CET 2011

Hello Prabhath,

On 01/13/2011 06:57 PM, prabhath bhathiya wrote:
> Hi i'm new to Genode. I followed all the steps before this but i'm
> having a small making problem of hello_tutorial appication

Welcome to Genode :-)

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> My error is
>     LINK     hello_server
> /home/bhathiya99/FinalYearProject/New_Test/genode-10.11/build/var/libcache/thread/thread.lib.a(thread_start.o):
> In function `Genode::Thread_base::_init_platform_thread()':
> /home/bhathiya99/FinalYearProject/New_Test/genode-10.11/base/src/base/thread/
> multiple definition of `Genode::Thread_base::_init_platform_thread()'
> /home/bhathiya99/FinalYearProject/New_Test/genode-10.11/build/var/libcache/thread/thread.lib.a(thread_linux.o):/home/bhathiya99/FinalYearProject/New_Test/genode-10.11/base-linux/src/base/thread/

You are building for Linux. So I am wondering how
'base/src/base/thread/' ends up in your build. Normally,
this file is not used when building for Linux. I suspect a
misconfiguration of your '<build-dir>/etc/build.conf'. When building for
Linux, please make sure that your 'REPOSITORIES' declaration contains
the 'base-linux' and 'base' repositories but no other 'base-'
repository. Note that the order is important ('base-linux' must be first
because it overrides some parts of the generic 'base' repository). Or
maybe you have changed your 'build.conf' without issuing 'make clean'
first? If so, it may be a good idea to wipe the libcache via 'rm -r

For a quick test, just to see that there are no fundamental problems,
you may try creating a fresh build directory using the following steps:

Change to the top-level Genode directory:

  cd /path/to/genode

Create a build directory for the Linux platform using the
'create_builddir' convenience tool:

  ./tool/builddir/create_builddir linux_x86 \
     GENODE_DIR=. BUILD_DIR=/tmp/build

This tool spares you the work of manually creating the 'etc/build.conf'
file. For more help about 'create_builddir', just start it without
arguments. Now change to the just created build directory

  cd /tmp/build

Please inspect the 'etc/build.conf' file and add the 'hello_tutorial'
repository. Or just append the needed declaration using

  echo "REPOSITORIES += \$(GENODE_DIR)/hello_tutorial" >> etc/build.conf

Now, you can try building 'hello/server':

  make hello/server

I'd be glad if you share findings with us.



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