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 Hello again,

here is a small HOWTO for debugging Genode apps on Linux:

* The first thing to do is to interrupt Genode at a certain point as you
cannot start core with gdb. So, if you want to debug an application you
have to call 'wait_for_continue' from within your code.
    Somewhere in your code write something like:
    extern "C" void wait_for_continue();

    void some_func_in_your_program()

    This will cause your program to stall in the function above.

* Compile your app
* Start './core' from the command line
* As mentioned before your program will stop in the 'wait_for_continue'
* Now find out the process id of your program, ('ps -efL | grep Genode')
* Start gdb with 'gdb -p <Process ID from ps>' , this will attach gdb to
the process
* Switch to the Genode output console (where you started core) and hit
'enter', this will cause your program to leave the 'wait_for_continue'
* Switch back to GDB, you now may step and set breakpoints (note: Does
not work with all gdb versions), inspect variables, ... .

I hope this helps,


On 09/10/2010 05:34 PM, stephane frenot wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem while debugging genode with gdb.
> When starting gdb ./core it freeezes on 3 LWP.
> Is there a specific gdb configuration in order to reach sub services ?
> /stephane
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