Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 10.11 released

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at ...1...
Tue Nov 30 09:55:21 CET 2010

We are pleased to announce the release 10.11 of the Genode OS
Framework. This release focuses on new features presented on the
Genode Live CD two weeks ago

and includes many improvements behind the scenes.

Release-notes summary for version 10.11

* Base framework
  * Support for user-level dataspace managers
* Operating-system services and libraries
  * Final transition to new init concept
  * Virtual network bridge (Proxy ARP)
  * Alpha blending and tinted views in Nitpicker GUI server
  * ISO9660 file-system server
* Device drivers
  * Execution environment for gPXE drivers
  * Enhancements of audio-processing infrastructure
  * Revised GEM/DRM support
* Improved integration of paravirtualized Linux with Genode components
* Qt4 nitpicker-plugin widget
* HTTP-based block device in new gems repository
* Platform-specific refinements on OKL4, Pistachio, and Linux

You can find the complete release notes for the version 10.11 here:

The new release is available to the project's subversion repository
and at the Genode download page:

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