Thread creation

Peter Nguyen peter.nguyen at ...29...
Thu Jan 28 13:00:01 CET 2010


In also trying to create a thread, there are some instances when i would like to
pass some parameters to a thread to establish a starting state for a thread. To
do this, the class i write, which inherits from Thread contains some instance
variables which get initialised in the class's constructor. From there, when the
thread starts execution, the function that executes when the thread starts uses
those variables i've declared. However, when I run genode with my app, i keep
getting the following message, which seems to result in the thread not executing
at all:

no RM attachment (READ pf_addr=562ae410 pf_ip=20145c6 from 08).

The code i have for this thread is the following:

class collection1 : public Thread<4096>
	L4_ThreadId_t tid_block;
	void thread_fn();
	void entry();

	collection1(unsigned long value)
		tid_block.raw = value;

Yet when i instantiate this class, I get the "no RM attachment" message, which
results in this thread not executing at all. Does anyone know what is happening?
Can parameters be passed to a thread via its constructor?


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