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Wed Feb 17 10:58:38 CET 2010

Hello Peter,

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 09:40:10AM +1030, Peter Nguyen wrote:
> Turns out that the errors was on my end. So now that everything builds, 
> I was wondering how to get this server running natively.

That's good to hear. Could you please tell us, what went wrong on your

> I'm trying to run the simple web server on an ia32 machine, but I
> keep getting "sending packet failed" messages on serial output. The
> other message I keep getting is from test-dde-linux_linux26_net,
> where the message is "network device 1 unknown", which would suggest
> that the ethernet port is not being detected.

Note, the current nic_drv supports AMD PCnet32 devices only. Those
are emulated in qemu if run like this:

  qemu -net nic,model=pcnet

I think that someone successfully used e1000 drivers with dde_linux26.
So, other drivers may also work with some effort. test-dde_linux26_net
is just a test program for uIP and the NIC driver. Please run only
nic_drv if your working with lwIP. Also, a log of the serial output
will help us to reconstruct what happens.

> The contents of the config file is the following:
> <config>
>     <start>
>         <filename>timer</filename>
>         <ram_quota>512K</ram_quota>
>     </start>
>     <start>
>         <filename>pci_drv</filename>
>         <ram_quota>512K</ram_quota>
>     </start>
>     <start>
>         <filename>nic_drv</filename>
>         <ram_quota>512K</ram_quota>
>     </start>
>     <start>
>         <filename>test-dde_linux26_net</filename>
>         <ram_quota>16M</ram_quota>
>     </start>
>     <start>
>         <filename>lwip_httpsrv_test</filename>
>         <ram_quota>1M</ram_quota>
>     </start>
> </config>
> I have also included the listed files in the weaver_x86.xml file as well.

I would expect that 512K will not suffice to run nic_drv. So, please
try 4M or so.

Christian Helmuth
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