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On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 11:15:55AM -0700, Pablo Montesinos wrote:
> Going forward, are you guys planning on continuing releasing patches
> for pistachio's L4? If not, which is the microkernel you see
> yourselves using?

There is no such thing like _the_ kernel for Genode as we any
microkernel/hypervisor/... has its own (sometimes unique) set of
properties, features, and thus application areas (e.g., secure mobile
devices or real-time workstations). We understand Genode as the
programming environment for these kernels, which abstracts from the
diversity of actual kernel APIs and enables the developer to implement
applications that run on all supported platforms.

Locally, our team uses the kernel that fits the current development
stage best - Linux for application development or L4/Fiasco while
hacking device drivers. L4::Pistachio's SMP support served as perfect
test bed for a student research project 2 years ago. Personally, I
like Pistachio for its clear design and coding style. I often use it
for device-driver-related projects, but I also like Fiasco's powerful
kernel debugger.

Well, I have no definite answer to your question, but hope I shed some
light on our approach.

Christian Helmuth
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