Tracing with Genode on OKL4

Frank Kaiser Frank.Kaiser at ...24...
Thu Jul 30 14:37:22 CEST 2009


Is there any specific reason why trace output generated with printf() or similar functions is not routed to OKL4's KDB interface (functions L4_KDB...)? Instead in file a direct access to COM1's hardware registers is implemented. This creates the problem that there is a concurrency access to the hardware by the OKL4 kernel and any Genode-based application.
In my case it is even worth, because I deal with a hardware which does not provide a legacy COM port. I have adapted the KDB to the specific hardware, so any application using the KDB interface would benefit from it. But Gernode ignoring it makes it unrunnable on this special platform.
Since the problem is urgent, I require some hints to make Genode able using OKL4's KDB interface.


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