Executable file loading from weaver.elf

Sven Fülster mx at ...19...
Thu Jul 16 14:13:14 CEST 2009

Hi Norman,

I was using rev. 58, just updated to rev. 61, but that did not help. I'm 
using the SVN but not always the newest revision. For linux_drivers, I 
have a private repository where I persist my own work.

I have then changed the CXX_LINK_OPT variable according to your 
suggestion and apparently that was the point. Now everything works fine. 
Perhaps I forgot some important linker option or your linker script was 
not found from the location I moved the call to. That might also explain 
the weird offset for the .text section.

Debugging seems to be nice now. Perhaps it was really so easy - we'll 
see what happens the next days. You have a nice buildsystem.

Thank you

Sven Fülster

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