Session mapping 1:1 vs. 1:n

Sven Fülster mx at ...19...
Fri Aug 28 13:52:48 CEST 2009

Hi Stefan,
> I have a question too. I wonder why do you write a component to multiplex the 
> framebuffer, when you have nitpicker, which does this for you. Do you need 
> some extraordinary functionality?
Yes, why didn't I consider nitpicker? I had not used it before and 
thought it would be too big for my plan...

Upon your hint, I have indeed opened that new building site and now my 
applications use nitpicker (I've read your paper about it...), because 
in fact it's exactly what i needed. At the moment, I'm playing with some 
graphical enhancements nitpicker allows for - such as windows, etc. :)

Thank you for the hints. Indeed, my own approach was a nice introduction 
into some internals of your framework.

Kind regards

Sven Fülster

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