VESA framebuffer - minor bug with the PCI resource addressing

Robert Wetzel Robert.Wetzel at ...24...
Tue Aug 4 08:43:13 CEST 2009


while having punched the VESA framebuffer driver to work
properly with the PCI driver I stumbled over a minor bug
in the handle_pci_port_read() function in,
lines 183 and 185. The resource index is calculated as an
address offset, whereas it should be an index (which equals
the address offset divided by 4).

Some additional info (in the context of VESA BIOS madness):
The VESA BIOS in use here also required 16bit read accesses
(easy to add, the port offset to 0xcfc can be used to shift
the value) and some other odd stuff from the PCI config space.
Interestingly, it also knows exactly where to look for the
gfx card in the PCI space; there was no enumeration at all
(probably initialized the values at the startup). After the
changes pci_drv and vesa_drv decided to work together again
instead of stealing each others cookies.


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